The time I was allergic to Christmas

Christmas is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday ever. I love everything about it: the lights, the snow, the movies! Everything. Christmas is just great. I've got some pretty fun Christmas stories, too, like the time I screamed and went crazy because my Aunt Rose got me a Firby. No seriously. In the 90s, Firbys were a big deal. If you had one, you were cool. I had one, but was not the latter. Or the time I was a Christmas angel in the school play in preschool, and then in the kindergarten play I got to be the girl who delivered the baby Jesus to Mary and Joseph.

But, my all time favorite Christmas memory is actually from last year.

Since I've temporarily moved out of my house at home because I live in Muncie most of the time for school, my mom and dad decided that they wanted to get a real Christmas tree. The only problem with that is that I'm allergic to basically everything that's outdoorsy, but you know, with me not being there all the time, they thought it would be okay.

I came home for Christmas last year and was fine at first. I helped decorate the tree like always, except now it was a real tree that had to be watered, which I thought was weird. Christmas is fun, why should we have to water a tree? Then a few days went by. I was slowly and surely getting a cold, but I wanted to brave through it so my mom didn't know I was getting sick, probably from the new Christmas tree.

Eventually I had to go to the doctor, and I told her that I tought it was just 'seasonal allergies' like usual. The doctor asked us if there was anything different going on at home, and I said no, but my mom goes, "Well, we got a new Christmas tree, and it's a real tree this year."

My doctor said it was the tree that caused my cold, and promptly told me that I was allergic to Christmas.

I was allergic to Christmas.

Basically, it was the end of the world.

Well, it wasn't actually the end of the world, but I still felt bad (because, well, I was sick) and because I had ended my parent's hopes of having a real, beautiful Christmas tree each year.

This year's Christmas episode of The Middle shows Axl, the eldest son, complaining to his family about why they had to get a fake tree and asking if they could just get a fake Sue instead. Well, this year we aren't getting a fake Hannah. We're using our same, smell-free artificial tree that is still quite beautiful.