Summer Lovin'

YAY SUMMER! I've been home for about a week and a half now, and in that week and a half, I've basically worked (I'm interning at Chicago Health magazine), wondered why there is a 'tiki stool' in our shower (fun fact: it's in case someone gets tired while showering and we can sit down. Who knew these types of things existed?!), eaten tons of Einstein Bagels and had (nay, still having) allergy season kick my butt. Anyways, here's some of the things that I've done so far that I've deemed share-worthy and slightly hilarious:


So remember that one episode of Glee where Santana arrives in New York City for the first time and she comes up out of the subway station singing a cover of Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire'? That's exactly how I felt last Monday morning when I exited Millenium Station to start walking to the Chicago Health offices. Literally, how many times can I tell you people how much I want my life to be a musical? That would have been a perfect opportunity to start singing "Girl on Fire". But really, in my head, I arrived above ground from the train station and then some music started playing quietly and people started dancing around me really nonchalantly, and then everyone--me included--would just break out in singing the chorus of "Downtown" and everything would be right in the world. We'd all be skipping down Michigan Avenue, and then the music would change into something dramatic as we passed the Fidelity building and watched all the Dauntless race off the train into the crowds of Abnegation, Candor, Erudite and Amity. I would stop a little, trying to decide if I wanted to just drop my internship and go take an aptitude test and find a guy as hot as Theo James's Four and go save the new utopian world, but then I thought, This is real life bros! I gotta get to work! And then we all just keep singing and dancing all the way to Ohio and Dearborn and all my back up dancers and singers leave me so I can go to work.


Wednesdays are one of my two days off during the week, and last week Julie and I spent it adventuring downtown. We took some of our usual routes, but the coolest place we found was this Barnes and Noble in the Gold Coast area of the city. The Gold Cost area of the city is where there are a ton of really fancy and expensive shops and we kind of just walked by the windows thinking, damnnnnnnn. I wish I had that kind of money.

Anyways, while we were just exploring, we found this awesome two-story Barnes and Noble. To my knowledge, it's the only other one in the city besides the college B&N bookstores. Julie and I were there for almost two hours and it's safe to say that this was one of my favorite adventuring trips with her. She had intended to stop here with me anyways, but thought it was too far away for us to walk to, so we were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled across it. I kept talking myself in and out of buying a new copy of a paper back Harry Potter book because they had the new covers, and I almost did, until I saw Mindy Kaling's book. That was my purchase of the day, and I was SUPER excited I bought it because it was seriously so hilarious. We also ate lunch at this place called Hannah's Bretzles. Basically, it's a sandwich place that serves all their sandwiches on pretzel buns. I had the 'Hannah's Club'. It was great, and some people say cannibalism isn't a thing.

I also spent the better half of the B&N excursion pouring over the New York Times' front covers from its start until 2013. Needless to say I furiously Snapchatted everyone in my contacts about 50 A1 pages, and surprisingly enough, it only merited a STOP!!! text from Danielle and a 'Holy Snapchats' tweet from Katie.


Most days, I have to take the South Shore train into the city for work. Other days, my dad is able to drive me or pick me up. But, one thing I've noticed about taking the train is how interesting people are in the morning. There's the prim and proper business men, then the students on board to go to school. You've got the working women who are putting on their mascara in the aisles of the train cars. The sleeping old people going who knows where. I could go on. But one of the things I've noticed is that the train conductors and all the signs say, "Watch the gap." As in, watch the gap between the train platform and the train. I've been on the Underground in London before, and they say, "Mind the Gap," in cute little automated British accents. Why can't we do that, South Shore??!! Give us some cheer after we've raced to make the train at ungodly hours of the morning! I just want a cute little automated British voice! Is that too much to ask? Can it please be a thing?????


This past week, I was a pig and ate out at least once a day. I'm discovering all these awesome places to eat in close proximity to the CH offices, and let's just say that I'm thankful to have a paid internship, because if not, I'd be broke and have no money for food. I feel like, even if I don't eat out everyday for lunch (which, let's be real here, I'm brown baggin' it most of the week so I can save money) I'm just going to start a food blog or something. There's a bunch of really cool eateries in Chicago, like Eatly, an Italian restaurant and grocery store, Big Bowl (one of my personal favorites) and Frontera and XCOCO, the Rick Bayless restaurants I'm really eager to try. I mean, who wouldn't want to have their food cooked by Rick Bayless?

Also, I'm sort of obsessed with Einstein Bros. Bagels. For just $1.97 each morning I'm downtown, I can have a great bagel for breakfast, and it's only a three minute walk from work.


Okay, I'm really not all alone...when I'm at home I live with my mom, dad, sister and two dogs, Oscar and Coco. Basically what I mean is that when I'm in my room I'm all alone. Oscar comes in from time to time. While I was cleaning/unpacking I would find some really hilarious things in my room, like these Harry Potter Expert business cards I had made when I was in grade school:

photo 4

Anyways, my point is I miss Danielle!!!!!!! Like seriously. I haven't seen her in, like, over a week, and it's SUPER weird.


I upgraded my phone last week, and this time, I've got Siri. I don't use Siri that often, but I asked her what the fox says per my sister's request, and this is what came up. It was a great and defining moment in my technological life.

photo 1 (1)


Also, can I just say how brilliant the season finale of Once Upon a Time was? Seriously no words. Captain Swan. Prince Neal. Time Travel. ELSA. So pumped for season four and Once nights at the apartment next year!

But for real though...ELSA.