Some of the things I've realized about my life this past year.

There is a huge difference between 8am in high school and 8am in college.

I had absolutely no problem with waking up at 6:30 am in high school. But now? Entirely different story. 8am is an ungodly hour that shouldn't even exist for college students.

Late night food delivery services are literally God send.

I have realized that when I am up until 3am working on homework and projects that sometimes the only thing that will keep me awake is food. The problem? The dining facilities close at midnight and it is to the point where Ramen is just getting old, repetitive and unappealing. The solution? Well the options are now endless. If I'm in the taste for a sandwich, just call up Jimmy Johns because they have freaky fast delivery. Sweet tooth getting ya? Insomnia Cookies is the way to go. Or you just want to be an animal and devour some pizza? Cousin Vinny's is your new favorite relative. Nothing feels better than going down to the deserted lobby at 3am and bringing up some hot food to keep you awake for another few hours so you can finish a draft of a ten page paper that's do in five hours and you knew about for three weeks before hand. And the best part? If you're hung up in they library, have no fear. They deliver anywhere on campus. Thank the good Lord Jesus too because microwave cheeseburgers from the vending machines in the basement of the library don't cut your hunger in any way, shape or form.

Math will forever and always suck.

That notion that the core math class that every freshman has to take is the easiest math class in the entire world is the biggest lie you will ever hear in your entire life. Unless you're a math wizard, math will never get any easier in college if you are getting a degree in something that is not math.

That Velveeta easy macaroni cups are ten times more tasty than Kraft Easy Mac.

Seriously. The same tasty flavor of the nice and creamy Velveeta mac n' cheese in easy mac form? Send thanks up to the macaroni gods because when you can get a nice bowl of Velveeta in under three minutes it is almost like heaven is a place on earth.

Movies and popcorn can become a real addiction.

Never have I watched movies more in my entire life than I have since I came to college. I watch a movie almost every other day, almost to the point to where I'll have to go get another mega pack of popcorn once a month to satisfy my hunger during movie watching. Also, when you go to Target or Walmart once every two weeks and go look at the movies and see all the endless possibilities of films that are under ten dollars, your collection will just expand and expand and expand to the unending depths of expanding. You can never watch too many rom-coms or get used to Russel Crowe singing.

That sometimes it really does suck not having a little sister to pick on all the time.

Yes. I really did just type those words. As much as I think my little sister is annoying, there are days when all I want to do is just act stupid with my sister or tell her to stop trying to hack into my phone just because I can.

It is okay to be single, even when everyone around you is a couple.

Yes. There are days when being single sucks more than a bird not being able to get that french fry that was thrown in the trash a few minutes ago. But, I've learned that being single has taught me to learn to accept myself for who I am, insecurities and all. And besides, being the third or fifth wheel can be highly awkward at times, but then again it can be funny as hell. So I'll just sit idly for now, and know that in due time, all things will fall into place.

You do you bro, I'mma do me.

Concentrate on yourself first and foremost in all situations. There is nothing wrong with caring for those around you, but in the end people are going to do what they want anyways. So to quote one of my friends, you do you bro, I'll do me.