So I'm finally on summer vacation...

...And I've realized a few things:

  1. I am so happy that I get to actually spend more than two days with my friends from home.
  2. I think that will make Adventure Time ten times more fun.
  3. I also insanely miss my friends from school.
  4. I will be very happy when my sister is out for the summer so I don't wake up at 7am every morning.
  5. I missed giving my shower head Broadway concerts.
  6. I can actually read for enjoyment.
  7. It's summer. Which means baseball. Which more importantly means baseball pants. And you know, home runs and RBIs and all that good sporty stuff.
  8. But seriously...the White Sox...I actually like them even if baseball pants weren't in the equation.
  9. Most of my friends home talk about things I haven't the slightest idea about since they're all science majors.