Things I did over spring break: -I told my mom that I wished my life was a musical so I could sing and dance all the time and not be judged. She laughed uncontrollably as we drove and listened to Footloose and I sang like I was actually good enough to be a Broadway star.

-Everyone left my house and I laid on my kitchen floor blasting the Frozen soundtrack and singing at the top of my lungs. My dogs stared at me like I was crazy.

-I finally watched Now You See Me. After two attempts, I stayed awake long enough to watch and understand the film. Mind= BLOWN.

-I cut three inches off my hair. I still don't know if I'm okay with this decision.

-I went crazy when Hook told Emma on the mid-season premiere of Once, "They force fed me something called bologna."

-I crushed on the British intern in Thor: The Dark World. Really. He's incredibly adorable.

-I shoveled snow. On spring break. Snow. Spring break. I don't need to say anything more.

-I bought the remainder of Friends on DVD off eBay. As in, I bid on them and won one season in the last ten seconds of the auction and maniacally laughed in excitement.

-I bought a pair of boots for $14. They are nice boots.

-I wondered how my room can get so messy within 24 hours of me being home when all I had were clothes and electronics.

-90% of the conversations I had with my sister were us singing each other songs from Frozen.

-I obsessed over Frozen (if you couldn't guess that already).

-I made half a fleece tie blanket with my grandma. We both got tired and decided to take naps instead of finish it.

-I grudgingly watched finale of the Bachelor because I was too lazy to change the channel when I sadly realized Castle wasn't on.

Needless to say, I had a quiet, relaxing spring break at home with my family. It's good to be back at school and in the swing of things with student media.