Roommate Convos: Part II

If you haven't guessed from my many posts about my incredibly entertaining life, I basically have the best roommate ever. Last semester, I posted 'Roommate Convos', which detailed some of the hilarious and crazy conversations that Danielle and I have.  The first installment of 'Convos' (I didn't even know there was going to be a part two) was honestly one of my favorite posts on my blog (so far) and I thought it would be really fun to do a second one. I racked my brain as much as I could, and so did Danielle, and we couldn't think of as many convos as the last post, but we did our best. So without any further ado, here is Roommate Convos: Part II for your reading pleasure.


Me, reading BuzzFeed's The Definitive Ranking of the 102 Best Animated Disney Songs: I wonder why whatchamacallit isn't on this list.

Danielle: Oh, you mean from the movie Thingymabob?

Me: Yea, Thingymabob.

Danielle: Thingmajig was real good in that one.

Me: Really? I thought what's-her-face was better.

Danielle: I'm glad we kept that going for this long.

Me: I really want to start watching Scandal.

Danielle: Don't do it, you can't afford to get into another show.

Me, a day later: So remember how you told me not to start watching Scandal...?

Danielle: Hannah!

Me:...I'm already on season 2.

Danielle: Hannah!

Me: To be fair, there're only seven episodes in season one...

Danielle: (shakes head)

(Disclaimer: Don't worry Mom, I'm still keeping up with my school work.)

(It's about five o'clock in the evening on a Saturday, and Danielle and I basically haven't gotten out of our beds yet.)

Me: I really don't want to leave to get food.

Danielle: Me either.

Me: I mean, I haven't showered yet, soooooo...

Danielle: Order in?

Me: I'll find the take out menus.

(We ended up getting Chinese, and the struggle to get out of bed was very real.)

Me: I need help thinking of conversations for this post.

Danielle: I don't know, we say so many weird things that it's just become pretty normal now.

Me: So what are we going to watch tonight?

Danielle: I don't know, you pick.

Me: I always pick, you pick.

Danielle: Pick!!

Me: Okayyyyy.

Me, surveying room: We need to clean.

Danielle: Yea.

(We go back to do whatever we were doing before we made our declaration to clean, and don't clean for another few days.)