My wonderful, dysfunctional little family

When you go away to college, your friends become your family. Sometimes, they're the only ones you can talk to, because they're the only ones around. Yes, you will always have your family, there's no doubt about that. But, I've learned in the past fourteen months that you choose a second family for yourself when you leave home for the first time. In the last fourteen months, I've kept and become closer with my friends from home and became great friends with some pretty amazing people here in college. And, to put it simply, I've found myself this wonderful, dysfunctional little family. It's crazy, really, to think that just fourteen months ago, I didn't even know half the people I talk to on a daily basis. And now, fourteen months later, I can't imagine how my life could be any different. I have friends who live everywhere. From my home here in Indiana and all the way to New York, I have friends--best friends. I could not picture how my life would be without any of them. I've lost a few down the road, but every family loses individuals, but I've gained as many as I've lost. We've hit some bumps in the road, but hey, all families do. But, we get through them together. Lord knows we get through them because we all love each other. Love. Yes. I love these people. That's the weird thing about love. I've never been in love before, but I've been in many friendships, and friendship is love. I've realized that. Friends, just like family, equal love. They are the family we choose for ourselves while we are away from home, because when we are away from home, our friends become a new home for us. These people are the individuals I care about most. And by some miracle, they care about me too, and I am so thankful and blessed that there are so many amazing people in my life.

Home is wherever my bunch of crazies are. I love them. They are my family.


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