In the Dominiak household, Scrabble is an all-in-the-family affair


My dog Coconut, or as most call him, 'Coco', rests his furry head on our scrabble board as my dad and I play. I lost by over a hundred points, as usual.

My dad and I frequently play scrabble via Words With Friends. I always fail and being beaten by him, seeing as he has been playing this game for over 20 years. However, this past spring semester I was playing my father in a game where we were neck and neck and I genuinely thought the day had finally come and I would beat my dad at a game of scrabble. I could almost taste a sweet victory. But. The game ended on a one-point margin difference and I still have yet to beat my dad. The day will come though. And it will be one of the best days ever.