In defense of tin foil: The end of my summer in a nutshell

I tried to do a really long bike ride

So at the beginning of summer I had this really bright idea to sign me and my friends up WHAM (Whiting-Hammond After Midnight Ride). Basically it's a 30-mile long bike ride that starts at midnight. Totally easy, right? Well, not as easy as I thought it would be. When I first approached my best friend Julie about it we were so excited about it. We were all like, "Yea! Bike ride! Midnight! Wooooo!!!!!!" And she was like, "We're gonna train right?" And I was like, "Yeaaaaa!"

Naturally, I didn't do one lick of training. Not one single bit of crazy bike rides during the summer to prepare for it. I thought, nahhhh, I don't need to train, there's people who do it just for fun with their families of little six-year-olds and then there's your hard core bikers who are like, "Yeaaa marathon dude!!" And I'm just sitting there like, "Yayyy!!!"

Not training was a really bad idea. Like, a REALLY bad idea. So we get to the race and we're all excited (Julie and I did it with two of our other best friends, Peter and Dietz). Then we start the race and we're still pretty excited. Then like, 20 minutes in for me and I start to get super tired. Fantastic, right? Completely. Last year, they said most people finished the entire race in roughly 2 1/2 hours. Well let me tell you: THAT IS A LIE. IT WAS A BIG FAT LIE. Two and a half hours got us to the halfway point. Which was fifteen miles away. Fifteen gosh darn miles away and it was horribly insane and painful. I was glad my dad told me to take an Advil before I left or else I would have been in some serious pain.

That being said, around 1:15am is when I looked at my friends and said, "Dear Lord, remind me to never sign us up for something like this ever again. EVER."

Long story short, my dad ended up picking Julie and I up at the halfway point because 1) we were tired; 2) I could barely feel my body; 3) I could barely keep my eyes open; and 4) we got so slap happy/tired/were in pain that we started saying stuff like "MY LADY PARTS ARE HURTING ARE WE THERE YET?!?!?!"

IMG_4349       IMG_4350

(Right) This was (obviously) before the ride started because, as you can see, we are all smiling and happy people; (left) And this was when we got to the halfway point. We were all SUPER tired, in A LOT of pain and said a lot of, "WHY GOD WHY?!"

I fan girled and Maggie slapped me in public

The day before I headed back to Ball State Maggie, my dad and I headed to the annual Wizard World Comic Convention at the Stevenson Center in Rosemont. Comic Con is basically a tradition that my dad has had for as long as I can remember; he goes every year (a few years ago he started going twice a year when we found out about C2E2) and collects so many comic books it's not even funny. It's basically like nerd heaven in our house all the time because my dad has so many things having to do with comic books, whether it's memorabilia or movies or action figures, etc.

Anyways, this year totally wasn't as good as last year, although it was pretty awesome. Last year, comic con was Julie and I's last big hurrah for hanging out before we went our separate ways for school, and man, was it a good end to the summer. We got to meet Tom Felton (yes ladies, he is just as attractive in person as he is in Potter/photo shoots) and Stan Lee. Yes. STAN. LEE. As in creator of Marvel Stan Lee. I thought I fan girled like crazy when I saw Tom Felton: We were in line, no big deal, then BAM we see him through a curtain and then it's just OHMYGOD HE'S RIGHT BEHIND THAT PHOTO STUDIO CURTAIN I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M FEET AWAY FROM HIM. And literally, that's how it goes. You're excited, it's totally no big deal, you're just going to take a picture with an actor from one of your favorite movies then you actually come face to face with Tom freaking Felton and you try not to make a fool of yourself (don't worry, I wasn't too horrible), he says a couple words to you, you take a picture and then you leave. But, then we got in line for Stan Lee and the same thing happened again, only it was more like HOLY CRAP THIS IS LIKE THE FATHER OF THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE CAN I JUST GO WEEP WITH JOY IN A CORNER NOW?!?!

IMG_0662 IMG_0669

So, at this year's comic con, Maggie and I met James and Oliver Phelps who play the Weasley twins in the Potter movies. We had the photo op pass just like last year with Felton and Lee, but when we were walking around the autograph areas, the line for the twins was, like, five minutes so naturally I dragged Mags in line. The Phelps twins were actually pretty nice guys, too; I was able to have a two-minute conversation with them in which apparently I looked like an insane, crazed fan, according to my sister. After they signed my photo (I was originally just going to shake their hands because I didn't know if I was going to have enough money to get an autograph, but then I was just like YOLO, and I handed over the money), I started hyperventilating like a hard core crazy fan girl and my sister proceeded to just slap me a few times til I stopped. Needless to say even though I am taller (but not for long) than my sister, she is much, much macho than I am, as in since we were kids she has been taking me down in play fights and tried Avatar: The Last Airbender moves on me in which I just ended up on the floor.

IMG_0070    IMG_0071    IMG_0084

In addition to meeting the Weasley twins, Maggie met (and I saw) Norman Reedus who plays Darryl on The Walking Dead (that was her fan girl moment; she went with my dad because she didn't want to wait in another long line with me). I also saw Zachary Quinto from Star Trek (I got a picture of him, but it's only like half of his face because a volunteer security guard started yelling me to not take pictures), Will Wheaton (I couldn't get a picture of him), and the original Karate Kid Ralph Macchio. And yes, Ralph Macchio is still attractive in his elder years.

IMG_0078   IMG_0075   DSC_0835_2


   (left to right) Will Wheaton, Ralph Macchio, Norman Reedus, and Zachary Quinto and the crazy lady who wouldn't let me take a good picture of him.

I saw A-Roid's debut game from his suspension

Yupp. You read that right. Don't over think it too much.

The last Sox game I went to for the summer was against the Yankees. It was Alex Rodriguez's debut game after his suspension and basically every time someone mentioned his name or his picture came up on the jumbo tron or he just so much as waved his hand on the field, let alone walk on the field, everybody started booing him. I'm a baseball fan, but not a HUGE fan, but it was still pretty awesome to be at that game.

IMG_4355    IMG_4360

I accomplished a life goal

Well, at least a tiny one. Being from Chicago (technically Whiting, IN but really. It's like right by the city), I go downtown frequently. And, in my town we get all the Chicago news stations, so I'm a huge fan of ABC 7 Chicago with Linda Yu, Jose Sanders, Ron Magers, Cheryl Burton,  Stacy Baca, Tracy Butler and Jerry Taft. Well, if you aren't from the city, ABC's studios are on State Street right in front of the Chicago Theatre, and it's not uncommon for the camera people to show a shot of people waving through the studio window before commercials.

So, I had to go downtown the week before I came back to BSU to fix my phone at the Apple Store (my iPhone's lock button has been broken since, like, December). I ended up scheduling my Genius Bar appointment when my dad had a meeting downtown, so I also got to have a day of shopping when my Genius time was over. So basically I blew the majority of my remaining money at Forever 21 and City Target (it was totally worth it too).

Anyways, on my way back, I passed ABC Studios and I was on the air for a split second before they cut to these two kids who were standing by me. It was the little girl's birthday so I guess she took precedent over someone wanting to accomplish a life-long goal.

But yea. Probably not as exciting as it seems, but it was still really awesome nonetheless. Other life goals include being in a huge flash mob and waving to Robin Roberts in the Good Morning America window in Times Square.

IMG_0006    IMG_0012

I learned to cook

So fun fact: You're not supposed to use tin foil when you make a hamburger on the stove top. Well, at least you don't line the entire pan with it. When Aunt Rose told me to make hamburgers for lunch for my grandma and I, I could have sworn on Albus Dumbledore's grave--cross my heart and hope to die--that she said line the frying pan with tin foil.

Go ahead, you can start laughing. I know, I know: I can be REALLY ditzy sometimes. So anyways this is the story. Aunt Rose tells me to make the hamburgers for my grandma and myself. I swear to you she told me to line the entire frying pan with tin foil (so I did) but instead she said line it standing up, so, like the grease wouldn't spatter everywhere or something. Well let me tell you. Lining the frying pan with tin foil DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when it comes to cooking. Literally nothing.

But all that aside, I did learn to make some good dishes. My aunt taught me how to make a delicious carbonara (my mom's is really good too, but Aunt Rose's is just YUMMMM). Panchetta. Freshly grated parmesan cheese. Pasta. You have no idea how tastefully good this Italian dish is. And spaghetti with tomato basil sauce with freshly ground meat. Seriously so good. I really like Italian food, so these became some of my favorite things to eat this summer when I was taking care of my grandma.

I had a day where I went crazy on SnapChat and my dogs were being extra cute


IMG_0041  IMG_0043  IMG_4343

IMG_4344  IMG_4345  IMG_4347

And, I saw The Book of Mormon with Ben Platt from Pitch Perfect

IMG_0049   IMG_0051