GUEST BLOG: My best friend is the reason for my (future) successful marriage

Hello followers! Today we have a guest blogger! My best friend Julie Fornaciari came to me with an idea that she thought would be good for my blog, and after I read the draft, I decided that it was perfect! Her post reminds me of a lot of the posts I love reading on Thought Catalog and Hello Giggles and I was really excited that she thought of this! Enjoy!  63721_4084655801193_1164295216_nI am Hannah’s best friend, Julie. I had this idea that I wanted to share and hopefully you’ll find it funny (I am not a good a writer as Hannah), but it’s quite a ridiculous idea. Being Hannah’s best friend has been a joy ride:  unexpected, a little crazy, fast and a whole lot of fun.

I had a revelation this past week. It was random, off the wall and out of nowhere, but it was profoundly true. I realized my best friend will help me have a successful marriage. I am talking about your best friend. The friend you’ve had for 15 years, who knows the ins and outs of your life, who has seen you through the best and through the worst, and when you are finally reunited, nothing has changed.

Now, I am young. And I am in no way looking for a marriage (I’d be crazy if I was this soon), but when I realized this, I realized how grateful I am to have my best friend. I am learning valuable skills that will help me make some of the largest decisions in my life. Granted, I have no boyfriend, no dating prospects, nada! But knowing that I can have a successful relationship because I already have a successful friendship with her, eases all my worries of the horrid questions asked by anyone older than me of “Do you have a boyfriend?” Here are sure fire signs that I’ll have the best marriage because my best friend taught me a lot about life:

Hannah taught me to be patient

1013240_10200373004074147_320241633_nThere have been many, many times where I looked at her and asked “What are you doing with your life?” or even more times of “Will you please just pick a shirt already?” These patient moments I learned from her will help me when I finally have that guy of my dreams and he leaves the toilet seat up, or leaves his wallet in his car. Patience is something you learn from experience, and Hannah and I have been patient with each other countless times throughout our friendship.

Hannah taught me to love someone even when its hard

After knowing Hannah for almost 15 years, we have gone through a lot. There are times when we have treated each other badly, but in the end we choose to make up. But in the end, we choose to make up. We choose to forgive. We choose to love each other no matter what has faced our obstacles. Seeing my parents married, I know they choose to be each other. Love is a choice, and thanks to a best friend your choice will be a lot easier because each of you have had that experience.

Hannah taught me be vulnerable

Vulnerability is vital to connection (Check out the TED talk “The Power of Vulnerability,” it is outstanding). Hannah has pushed my buttons to get what is wrong out of me because she knew I needed that connection. She’s helped me break out of my shell and she has helped me be closer to a person more than I have ever before. That is what a relationship with a significant other should be. Let your guard down and be you, and by golly, I know Hannah and I are ourselves together.

Hannah has taught me to be independent

47031_1408106129124_4057192_nI saw this girl every day. It is incredible how we can still keep in touch when we’re 500 miles away from each other for 9 out of 12 months of the year. But because of that I can be a more independent person because I know I have her no matter what. So when I feel so alone in my crazy adventures, I can always reassure myself I have her looking out for me and supporting me in everything I do, and she knows I’ll do the same for her. A marriage should have that. The independence to be your own person but the knowledge you always have that other.

Hannah has taught me that I choose my family now

Marriage is the first sign of choosing your new family, and I hope I can pick a good one. Hannah let me know that I can become part of another family, and family continuously grows as you grow and meet more people. She is my soul sister and thankfully I now know that the person who is stupid enough to ever get into a relationship with me will become my new family (and hers, because she’s going to always be around).

A best friend teaches you a lot of things. Everyone says you should marry your best friend-- and Lord knows Hannah and I have said that if we’re still single by the time were 40 we’ll probably just end up marrying each other-- and yes, that’s true. But I’m not getting married anytime soon, even though the obvious signs of “the time is coming” are here. Instead, I’ll just continue learning from my best friend, because if I can find someone who can put up with my adventure, my complaining and my flookiness like she does, I know I will be in good hands.