And the lights came tumbling down

This week has been incredibly busy for me (good busy though) with homework, student media and what not. And of course, when it's busy, that means my life is hectic and hilarious. Here's how this week has gone. Somehow I managed to make it through without coffee or naps. Yes. That is a miracle.


Geography test at 9:30 the next morning. Study all night, only taking breaks to watch HIMYM and Castle (which really meant study at commercials). Tear up at all the really insignificant yet drastically emotional (most people probably thought most of these were highly unemotional) moments of HIMYM and Castle. Get to bed around 1:15am.


Take Geography test (fun fact: I passed. Yay!). Get out of class early due to test, chat with mom and get Starbucks for breakfast. Wait in the Atrium until my next class, and do an impromptu interview with Danielle for her class, and discuss the time in kindergarten when I had Edgar Allen Poe's the Raven memorized. I read the poem to the class and then two kids who had left to go to the bathroom pounded on the door because it had locked and all screamed. Went to class. Ate lunch with some design people. Made a plate for my graphic comm class. Went back to room and continued to watch the final season of Smash while working on my magazine for class. Showered. Designed more and finished Smash. Got to Cardinal Life to edit yearbook spreads. Ordered Cousin Vinny's at 12:30am, randomly dance like a crazy person while editing in frustration. Did not leave the journalism building/workshops office until 2:30am. Got woken up to pounding on the door because Danielle and I didn't hear her alarm for night desk go off. Cuddle with fluffy puppy and fall back asleep.


Needless to say, I did not make it out of bed for first class. Made it to second two classes. Grabbed lunch and headed to the student center to finalize yearbook edits until 5pm. Got to Unified Media Lab to work on the Weekly and was slap happy (I was laughing at nonsense and singing as worked) until I left at 10pm. Got back, did homework, went to sleep by 12:30am.


Made it to Geography on time, and only slept for about thirty second increments every ten minutes and still got the general gist of what we talked about in lecture. Head to professional development class. Got to Woodworth for lunch when class is finished, and wait 25 minutes for a sandwich. Ate lunch at work. Left work at 4pm for the Weekly. Discussed cats and t-shirt making with Katy and Bre. Have a record-breaking night and leave the lab before 10pm (it was the most beautiful feeling ever). Got back to room. Did homework until 11pm. Have the seemingly most beautiful sleep ever, complete with dreams where all that is sung is 'I Believe' from The Book of Mormon and then BOOM. I am actually singing 'I Believe' and all of my Christmas lights are on top of me. I thought it was around 5am, so I was mad because I only had an hour of sleep left before I had to get up for work, and I looked at my phone only to realize it was 2:30am. Just my luck.


Somehow I went back to sleep (even though it was not until around 3:30am) and made it to work and have not yet drifted off. The lights are still on the floor of my room. Somehow I managed to not step on them and break them or my foot when I climbed down from my bed this morning. Today's another crazy day. I have meetings and class straight from 10am-4pm. Hopefully I'll get a nap in before dinner and Justin's show, or else my friend Miranda will have to keep poking me to stay awake.