5 Things I'm Currently Obsessed With

1. Scandal and Bates Motel

I started watching these shows about two weeks ago, and they're AWESOME. I told myself I wasn't going to get obsessed with Scandal, but that failed dismally. I can see why people are totally obsessed with it. Olivia Pope is one bad ass lady.

Bates Motel is a show I had always been meaning to watch, as Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is my favorite move to watch around Halloween. The show is so eerily creepy, and that's what makes it so awesome. Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates was a fantastic casting choice; I never would have thought that cute little August Rush and Charlie Bucket could play such a creepy character. I highly suggest adding this to your list on Netflix.

2. A Great Big World

Danielle got me obsessed with their song "Rockstar" and I've been obsessed with them ever since. I'd already loved their song "This Is The New Year" after I heard it covered on Glee, but this band is seriously good. They have fun (like in "Everyone Is Gay") and they can be tear jerking (like in "Say Something").

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VG1bj4Lj1Q&w=853&h=480]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtROijZqCb8?list=UUMsBZYIksLc5pW_28PBQrCg&w=853&h=480]


3. Adobe's DPS Extension for InDesign

As a journalism graphics major, I use Adobe InDesign ALL THE TIME. All the time as in, it's almost always open on my computer and sometimes my computer hates me for having it open so often that it makes it stop working and then I freak out and have to restart my entire computer so it can have a break.

But, this year, I've started dabbling in tablet publication design, and with that I downloaded the Digital Publishing Suite extension and it's seriously the greatest thing ever. I love making designs interactive, and this wouldn't be possible if it weren't for DPS. It's my dream to work on the tablet edition of Entertainment Weekly. Actually, it's my dream to just work at EW in general, but their tablet edition is simply beautiful and that wouldn't be possible if it weren't for DPS.

I used DPS for my magazine design class this semester, and I've never been more obsessed with a tablet magazine. I'm slightly biased because, yes, it was my own magazine that I created for class, but I had so much fun making it interactive and it's awesome. You can check out the print version on Issuu here.

But, DPS is something that every designer should download, as it is hugely beneficial, and if you know how to use it, and how to use it well, will make you more marketable in the long run. Download this extension (it's free if you already have InDesign) from Adobe here.

4. The new TFiOS Trailer

A Fault In Our Stars

There are no words, really. I seriously can't wait for this movie, and this second trailer is just as heart warming and heart wrenching as the first trailer, and it makes me all the more excited for June 6th.

Watch the trailer on Yahoo! Movies here.

5. Little Book of Lettering by Emily Gregory


I bought this little gem from Barnes and Noble last week and it's seriously the cutest thing ever. It showcases type designers from around the nation and offers some awesome inspirations. The design of the book is awesome too--simple and to the point.

Order from B&N here or from Amazon here.