5 Songs I'm Currently Obsessed With

Spotify is a wonderful thing. Here's the top five songs I'm currently obsessed with thanks to Spotify.

1. Counting Stars  One Republic

I hadn't listened to these dudes in a while, then I saw their concert on Good Morning America and now I'm in love with this new song.




2. Never Wanted Your Love  She & Him

Can Zooey Deschanel get any more perfect?




3. On Top of the World  Imagine Dragons

This is just one of those feel good songs, ya know what I mean?




4. Beautiful Day  Marie and the RedCat

Starbucks' Pick of the Week free song downloads can actually give some pretty awesome tunes.




5. Home  Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Thanks to a co-worker I think these guys will be a new favorite band.