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Want to work together, or just want to talk about Nora Ephron movies?

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to tell stories. As a kid I’d choose reading books over playing outside. In high school I joined the school paper and really came to enjoy telling the stories of others rather than creating my own (although my stories at the time were limited to very bad Harry Potter fan fiction).  

I have a degree in journalism graphics from Ball State University (aka, the Harvard of Muncie, Ind. according to our most famous alum, David Letterman). In my time at Ball State, my passion for storytelling evolved. I learned that people could not only be moved by striking photography and beautiful typography. I bounced around the journalism department, working in student media and an app development studio, and interning with the Sports Illustrated creative services team in New York City. Those experiences taught me to tell stories through creative problem solving and purposeful interactions across different platforms.

After graduation, I worked as a local newspage designer and an art director before realizing that my passion, like much of my generation, was social media. I took that passion for tweeting and instagramming and combined it with my design and storytelling skills to create branded content for digital and social spaces.

When I’m not furiously tweeting about pierogis on a Chicago coffee shop patio or gramming that perfect brick wall, you can find me doing one (or all) of these things:

  • Watching You’ve Got Mail for the zillionth time

  • Excessively eating chicken nuggets

  • Polkaing in parades

  • Perpetually waiting for my Hogwarts letter and One Direction to end their hiatus

Sometimes I write about how crazy and wonderful my life can be. Check out my wacky stories on my blog